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Carbon removal is new and mission-critical for humanity. We know how to get millions of tonnes of carbon down. The challenge is how we quickly, safely and fairly get that figure up into the gigatonnes. Cities, businesses and citizens all have a role to play. Here’s how you can help.

Lobby cities

We badly need cities to lead the efforts to accelerate carbon removal: as convenors, investors, commissioners, thought leaders, regulators and stewards of built and natural environments. But few cities have this crucial area in focus. Download our dialogue paper, a collaboration between the walk it back campaign and youth justice network Re-Earth Initiative to understand why more must urgently seize the opportunity. Contact your mayor on email or social media, asking them to look at our discussion paper and to boldly back carbon removal in your city’s net zero action plan.

Download our discussion paper

​​The truth is that even with mitigation efforts to minimise, and literally stop, our carbon emissions in the world, we need to take action on the carbon that is already up there to give current and future generations a true chance in making the world a liveable place.

– Theresa Sebastian, Re-Earth Initiative

Lobby corporates

Businesses could play an equally crucial catalytic role – by partnering with carbon removal platform Patch to purchase forward removal ‘credits’ that would enable frontier technologies to get capital to scale. Each investment today will help these carbon removal projects secure infrastructure financing of many times that amount. This is a breakthrough idea that goes beyond where others are today. Explore offtake agreements for your business. Ask your employer to commit to offtake agreements.

Offtake agreement

Calculate your own lifetime carbon footprint

Most of us in the Global North will have particularly large lifetime carbon footprints – even if you seldom set foot on a plane, our use of energy, food and transport can tot up. Many of us regret this. All of us have the power to do something active to unwind these impacts. If you have the means, consider calculating your own footprint and work out how to reimburse the earth.

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