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One man is removing his lifetime’s carbon footprint in a zany and redemptive feat of endurance

Removing Carbon

Craig Cohon is wiping clean his entire lifetime carbon emissions. He has committed over $1M to remove all 8,147 tonnes of carbon he has emitted since his birth in 1963. Through walk it back he plans to set in motion spin-off campaigns to remove no less than 100,000 tonnes.


A landmark journey from Europe to Asia, meeting communities at every step of a four thousand km outreach and fact-finding adventure.

Carbon Protest
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Graph KM to walk versus CO2

3990 kilometres walked since January 3, 2023


Removing Carbon

Taking action

Experiencing nature at its best

Raising awareness


Helping cities see the untapped opportunity of carbon removal in meeting their net zero ambitions.


Galvanizing a small group of companies to match Craig’s commitment to accelerate the scaling of carbon removal projects.


Switching thousands of people onto the need for carbon removal, and inspiring those that can, to take action.

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