Walk with Us

From Newhaven to Potsdam, Bratislava to Budapest, walk it back is coming to a place near you. Join the adventure

All the info on our screenings, talks, workshops, events, special guests, pre-walk yoga drop-in sessions, plus how to explore our travelling exhibition or to walk a leg of the route. Check the map find out if the route runs through your neighbourhood and find out other ways to take part.

“Walking your lifetime’s emissions back is such a cool thing to do. In a world so full of blah-blah-blah, we’re so happy to be walking the walk with Walk It Back.”

– Joseph Wilkanowski, Re-Earth Initiative


These are our tent-pole, show-stopping, big-hitting pitstops, but check back – we’ll constantly update this page with more events elsewhere on the route…

Walk with us


London: January 3 2023

Join us on the banks of the Thames for the big send-off, on the first of 5 days in the UK


Paris: January 15 2023

Swing by to chat carbon removal over croissants in the French capital, either side of 18 days in France


Brussels: January 28 2023

Stop by when we pull up in the cockpit of the European Union, during 8 days in Belgium


Amsterdam: February 6 2023

Kick back with us by the canals and in the coffeeshops, during 13 days in Netherlands


Berlin: March 3 2023

Help us take the temperature of carbon removal when we stop off in one of the world’s coolest capitals, during 26 days in Germany


Prague: March 17 2023

Big up the carbon-removal revolution with us, during 16 days in Czech Republic


Budapest: April 7 2023

Tell us how it is in Hungary over a soak in a thermal bath, during 12 days in Hungary


Belgrade: April 22 2023

The campaign rolls into the Balkans, either side of 23 days in Serbia


Sofia: May 9 2023

Our penultimate city stop, amidst churches, mosques and Soviet monuments, during 17 days in Bulgaria


Istanbul: June 4 2023

Cheer Craig over the finish line where Europe meets Asia and where he hands the baton on to…. ?