walk it back presents: breathe it back

“To breathe is to be deeply, personally, beautifully entangled with the health of the whole biosphere.”

– William Russell, MONOM

Breathe it back continues spatial sound artist and composer and MONOM founder William Russell’s exploration of the connection between the human and the more-than-human world. The immersive piece underscores humanity’s deep entanglement and interdependence with Earth’s air and carbon cycle and invites us to take a different path.

“The climate crisis is at one level only possible as a result of humanity’s separation from the Earth and the delicate and miraculous balance that supports all life,” says Russell, “Our breath is the most accessible, everyday route back towards a reawakening of our human connection to the whole Earth system.

“Each inhale and exhale everyone one of us makes is a full participation, at the cellular level, with the whole history of the universe: each breath we take has been breathed in before, by dinosaur, by fieldmouse, by ancestors; breathed out by generations of forest, algae, plankton, kelp.

Listen to the sound of carbon removal