Berlin to Prague

Berlin to Prague: 4 – 16 March

Fresh from our own little Berlin carbon removal conference and having caught up with our rockstar composer William Russell, we’re back on the road through Eastern Europe. It’s six days to the Polish border at Gorlitz. We stay just one night in Poland, in Zgorzelec, grabbing ourselves a platter of pierogi if we’re lucky, before heading into Czech Republic, stopping in stunning Frydland then diving into the aptly named Bohemia: and the National Nature Reserve of the Jizera Mountains. The first natural site in Czech to gain UNESCO world heritage status, it boasts 950 hectares of uninterrupted native beech trees. Onwards: to the literal high-point of the trip so far, climbing 900m on the way to Ralsko. Finally, we zag down to Prague.




16/03/2023 Ended

Join the first global dialogue on carbon removal as we meet with local experts in Prague.

10.30am-12noon, NTK, Prague