Brussels to German Border

Brussels to German Border: 30 Jan to 13 Feb

One last biere brune for the road and we bid Brussels and the EUHQ adieu, hiking around the outskirts of Antwerp through Rumst, Brasschaat and Roosendaal. We’ll celebrate our first full month on the road in our fourth country, the Netherlands, with 10 days of walking – all of it almost completely at sea-level. We love you, Holland. We’ll be mapping the Dutch appetite for removals – including a proper sit down with decision-makers in Amsterdam on 7 February. We cross the bridge to Almere Haven and reach Germany just in time for Valentine’s Day, to find out whether carbon removals make hearts beat a little quicker inside Europe’s largest 21st C emitter.




06/02/2023 Ended

Why aren’t we all talking about Carbon Removal?

Join us and local experts as they discuss the promise and the perils of Carbon Removal.

Location: Bakkerswinkel, Westerpark, Amsterdam