London to Paris

London to Paris: 3 – 15 Jan

Waving goodbye to our home berth in the peak of the British bleak midwinter, walk it back sets off from the banks of the river Thames for what looks like a solitary and rainy trudge towards Paris. (January is one of the wettest months in the UK.) Five days, many meal-deals and a hundred kms and a heck of a lot of mud later, we reach the white cliffs of Albion, where we hop aboard a ferry from the historic harbour of Newhaven to the French port of Dieppe to thread our way through the North of France, chewing the carbon-removal-fat and gnawing on no doubt a stack of baguettes en route. We rock up in Paris seven days later.

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03/01/2023 Ended

Join Craig as he leaves from Trafalgar Square at 10.30am to walk down The Mall and past Buckingham Palace.

Paris - Brussels


15/01/2023 Ended

Meet Craig as he arrives in Paris at 4pm at the Arc de Triomphe to walk the final stretch down the Champs Elysees to the Louvre.

Breaking Bread

We want to grab every chance we get to sit down and have a chinwag with the folk who live or work along our route. Please hail us down if you see us passing, or email us to hatch a proper plan for us to stop and meet up for lunch, dinner or a cuppa, a whiskey, a brioche, a ​​Zbornjak or a cheese bap. We’ll go anywhere: community centre, village hall or flat and promise to do the dishes for anyone who shares with us even the humblest of snacks.

Break bread with us


Ours is a mammoth fact-finding perambulation, and our mission is to listen and to spark a discussion, hopefully transcending language barriers to get beneath the skin of where you and your community is at on climate and getting historic carbon back. Link up with us after a mellow morning yoga sesh or hang out after hours at one of our evening speakeasies, or follow along through our socials or by booking a Zoom, Instagram or Facebook Live.

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“To go fast, go alone. To go further, go together,” goes the African proverb. The change the climate movement needs to bring about is so far-reaching, we badly need community. We’d love you to come along for a leg of this quietly radical ride: moving really slowly through, and truly noticing, communities and territories that modern transport would ordinarily whisk us through in the blink of an eye. You’ll be in good company: there’ll be lots of interesting sorts popping up making cameos: from the young to the old, from artists and activists to politicians and journalists. And if you can’t join us in the flesh, walk along virtually, in solidarity.

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Didn't expect that

We’ve done our training, we’ve got our compass and our map, our precise itinerary, our blister gel and compresses and all that. But, as with every great adventure, it’s the curveballs and the mishaps, the chance encounters, the run-ins and good old fashioned f*ck ups that this madcap endeavour will no doubt throw at us that will put the spring in our step.

Bloopers – coming soon