Sofia to Greek border

Sofia to Greek border: 11 May – 23 May

Early summer finds us further out on the Balkan peninsula – encircled by the Adriatic, the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Black Seas. Here, beautiful Sofia, heartbreakingly, is one of the EU’s most polluted cities. There’s a big transition job to keep policymakers busy here: most homes still use coal and wood fires, public transport is sketchy at best. But could removals help? We reckon it should at least be on the table. We’ll do some digging, ask around, then head to Pazardzhik, a city 112km to the south-east. From thence Brestovitsa, Kuklen, around Lake Burgas and into Greece for an overnight in Marasia, between the Eyros and Ardas rivers, before pushing into Turkey for wowzer! walk it back’s last leg.




10/05/2023 Ended

TEDxVitosha: WALK IT BACK – 10 May 2023, Hall 10 Cine Grand, Sofia Ring Mall

Join us for a TEDxVitosha session, focussed on the walk it back journey and carbon removal.

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