Vienna to the Serbian border

Vienna to the Serbian border 30 March - 15 April

With Spring finally firmly in the air we hope, we saunter along the banks of the Danube – walking one full day along the embankment in Austria from Vienna, a day in Czech, three days in Slovakia, where we celebrate three full months on the road in Medved’ov and Nova Straz. We cross into Hungary on 4 April with a good long break in Budapest from Good Friday till Easter Sunday. The city has been hit by heatwaves of growing frequency and severity; along with a dozen or so other difficult climate impacts – let’s see how getting historic carbon down chimes with the people of the Carpathian Basin. We’ll celebrate 100 days on the road in Dunapataj on 12 April, crossing into Serbia at Gornji Tavankut on 15 April.


Prague to Vienna


29/03/2023 Ended

Join the first global dialogue on carbon removal as we meet with local experts in Vienna.