La Tribune de Geneve, January 28 2023

Carbon emissions: a Canadian businessman wants to go into reverse

Can a lifetime of rampant carbon emissions be redeemed? This is the question posed by Craig Cohon, a former multinational executive. It led him to invest part of his savings in CO2 extraction methods and to start a 4,000 km walk to raise awareness of the climate issue.

At the dawn of his sixties, here is this Canadian millionaire on the road since January 3, when he left his London home, with the idea of ​​reaching Istanbul by June.

The name of the project: “Walk it back”. Accompanied by a team of 6 people and a truck – which runs on biodiesel – filled with recyclable energy technology and a traveling exhibition, he intends to meet elected officials, citizens and decision-makers to open a dialogue on carbon removal projects.

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