Scientific Explorer, November 30 2022

Craig Cohon: walk it back

Craig Cohon is a Canadian entrepreneur and member of the Society’s Honorary Advisory Board. He is a tireless supporter and champion of SES conservationists, adventurers, and explorers. He was one of the first Canadians to join Operation Raleigh in 1985 and is the proud sponsor of SES Pioneers with Purpose honorary award.

In 2022, Craig became the first person to calculate and commit to reversing his entire lifetime’s emissions, investing his $1 million pension in removals projects. Throughout his walk, Craig seeks to unlock support and galvanise greater collective action around this crucial but nascent field.

Craig says: ‘ is about removing humanity’s historic emissions at scale. For us to have any shot at a liveable future, we must figure out how to safely, permanently, and fairly remove the two trillion tonnes of planet warming carbon that we’ve historically released into the atmosphere. The tools exist, but we quickly need to build awareness, support, investment, R&D, and governance.’

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