Usbek and Rica, January 22 2023

Craig Cohon, the repentant millionaire who wanted to "erase" his carbon footprint

Former Coca-Cola executive, Canadian millionaire Craig Cohon started a 4,000 kilometer walk from London to Istanbul in early January to “ raise awareness ” of global warming. His obsession? ‘ Erase ‘ its huge personal footprint by investing in so-called carbon dioxide ‘ elimination ‘ technologies. Meeting at a run.

Accompanied by a small (salaried) logistics team that provides him with supplies and publications on social networks from a (hybrid) car, the former businessman has invested part of his personal fortune to complete his expedition. He plans to arrive in Turkey in early June 2023, just before his 60th birthday, after 153 days of travel supported by the eco collective ReEarth Initiative and the United Cities and Local Governments network of leaders.. Until then, dozens of meetings with elected officials, activists, business leaders, students and journalists are planned across the Old Continent.

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